Team Policies: Competition Rules

1C:  Code of Conduct – (pdf)


2C:  Competition Squads - (pdf)


3C:  The Lower Bucks Swim League does not allow PSC Stingray swimmers to be rostered with and compete for other summer swim clubs/leagues such as Fanny Chapman, Lenape Valley, Sonny Willow etc.  Swimmers who compete and train with US swimming affiliated clubs such Germantown Academy, CBST, NRG, and Spirit are exempted from this rule.


4C:   All swimmers are expected to make every effort to attend meets in which they are scheduled.  If you are unable to attend a meet, a note indicating your absence must be given to Coach Kelly at least one week in advance.  In the event of an emergency, please call or email Coach Kelly immediately.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE WILL RESULT IN AN EXCLUSION FROM THE NEXT MEET.


5C:   Line-ups will be based on PSC Stingray times recorded throughout the current year.


6C:   Meets start promptly!  It is necessary for the athletes to be on deck at the time stated by the coach and announced on the bulletin board.  Please arrive in time so swimmers can adequately get ready, check-in, and warm-up.


Swim Meet Times

On Deck 5:30 PM

Warm-up 6:00 PM

Start 6:45 PM


7C:   In the event of inclement weather, a decision about the meet will be made between 4:30 and 5PM.  If a meet is canceled, an email will be sent out along with an update on the team hotline (215-822-1951 ext. 3400).  Please, do not call PSC front desk, but instead dial the extension.  WE WILL ONLY LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE MACHINE, NOT THE DESK WHO SOMETIMES GETS CONFUSED WITH SWIM LESSONS.  If a notice has not been posted, the swim meet is proceeding and all swimmers are to make every effort to attend.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE WILL RESULT IN AN EXCLUSION FROM THE NEXT MEET.


8C:  Line-ups are posted before the meet starts.  Swimmers need to check out what they are swimming so they can warm-up accordingly.


9C:  As it stands, our league will be having relays during the end of the year championships.  Each team is allowed to enter two relays per age group.  You must be registered in an individual event to be eligible.  The Stingrays will compose the two quickest relay combinations from those entered in champs.  All relay participants will be chosen objectively based on PSC Stingray times recorded throughout the current year.  If the league allows, PSC will try to submit a third relay if there are enough participants.


10C:  Winning the meet as a team and developing the skills of our swimmers are the goals for the dual meet competition.  Therefore, the coaches will make the best line-up possible.  All swimmers will swim in assigned squad dual meet and most invitationals (some invitational meets have particular time standards).  Usually, every swimmer gets into at least two events.  Again, line-ups are based on best times in that event.  PSC will coordinate the heats of their swim events by the use of recorded times. The swimmers in first heat will have the top times in that event, heat 2 will have the next three quickest times, etc.  Relays also follow this  philosophy.  Times are based on times swum at official PSC meets during the season and are consistently updated after each swim meet.   Lastly, the coaches attempt to have their swimmers swim all of the individual strokes sometimes during the season.   Swimmers will only be exempted from an individual event if a medical condition prohibits it (ie. knee for breaststroke).

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