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The purpose of this information is not to control your life but rather to educate you on the summer season so we can become a complete and experienced team that can compete with high standards in a consistent manner.  Championship teams are built on loyalty, a strong sense of community, and commitment. By joining our team, you are agreeing with our philosophy and accepting the responsibility and dedication of our team. By following this plan, we are giving ourselves the best opportunity for team success in a very competitive league.


    #1  - Anytime after August 1st.  Take all the time you want.  I know I will.

    #2  - Most invitational meets are optional except for the Cold Water Classic (as it serves as a second time trial), Relay Carnival (if they have it), and Division / League Championships.  You could plan a vacation on the weekend (Friday to Monday) but try to stay away from those meets!

    Last case scenario: Late May to Mid June - Most of the teaching goes on during this period and time trials, which I would like all 14 and under swimmers to attend, also occurs.  However, during this time, you would not miss any competitions, which is a positive.

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